100 Days of Lockdown

100 Days of Lockdown

Today is a milestone. We have been shut out of our previous lives for 100 days. We haven’t seen family and friends, had a haircut or been to the pub.

However all this is about to change. This Saturday, you can legally do both of these things. Three months of boredom, Saturday night in mid summer and a palpable anti-police feeling on the streets. What could possibly go wrong?

The city of Leicester has already returned to lockdown due to a local spike in the virus. People have come together to mark the Black Lives Matter movement and to celebrate Liverpool win the Premier League. There were half a million people on Bournemouth beach last week.

With a late lockdown due to a sceptical government, people were compliant until recently. However, this is not a time for politics but a time for common sense.

I think that people going to have to consider their own risk management strategies. I remain cautious, not taking any unnecessary risks. I am enjoying my “new normal“, with Buddhist retreats and writing my book.

I hope everybody else continues to enjoy their lives, but from a social distance.