Look out, my kids are about! 😊

Look out, my kids are about! 😊

Today has been a long, good day. I didn’t sleep so well as, during research for a chapter of my book, I got in touch with my old workmates. A lovely bunch. We were chatting on messenger for ages and then my mind was buzzing.

So at 2 am I decided to write the introduction to my book. Then at 4 am I decided to get up. I meditated for a while and then, joy of joys, I managed to drift off to sleep.

I woke at 9:30 after 3 1/2 hours sleep. I then prepared for my zoom meeting for my retreat. Five minutes before the Zoom call finished I received a message from my dad telling me that my girls were on their way to see me! I’d not seen them in at least seven weeks until today.

So I threw my headphones off and hobbled towards the door where my kids were waiting.

It was a joy to reconnect with them. It feels like my batteries have been fully charged. We stood in the garden to chat, obeying the rules of social distancing of course.

They told me about their lives and I told them about mine.  Who needs sleep anyway when you’ve got daughters like mine!

Oh, and my new wheels arrived today, exciting!