Have you got your marbles?

Have you got your marbles?

Due to weakness in my left leg (very common to have a weaker side with MS), I have been training to build up the muscles in that side.

Part of this training involves walking in water and so I went to the pool this morning.

Also I the pool and moving mindfully, was an elderly lady. She said hello to me, as if in recognition of another impaired person.

I completed my exercise and once out of the pool, I saw her about to leave the changing area.

She accosted me as I went to my locker. With a look of ‘faded glamour’ she strained to hear me as I gave her short replies.

Lady: Have you had your hip done?
Me: No, I’ve got MS
Lady: Have you got your marbles?
Me: Yes. Marbles but no movement
Lady: Have you got faith?
Me: Yes
Lady: Then you’ll be alright

I presume she was Christian although I could be wrong. And she wasn’t offering ‘conversion’, only kindness.

This chance encounter brought a smile to my face. I’ll make more of an effort if our paths cross again.