Own the Party

Own the Party

Ever since I was a kid I have been interested in making music. I drummed in bands for years. I’m also a massive show off so becoming a DJ seem like a natural thing to do!

Then I thought, why not set up a company and start taking this seriously? I had after all, earmarked my parents garage, as a studio!

With my settlement from the University I bought loads of equipment (mixing desk, DJ decks, laptop, microphones, stands, lights and speakers). Now to do some business..

I had had some cards printed and put them in the Buddhist centre. A guy called Jon-Lee contacted me and mentioned that he was an experienced DJ and could help me with my new business. So I set up a Facebook page, website and business plan!

The company was called Own the Party and I was enthused to begin with. I quickly learned how to be a DJ and recruited other musicians to collaborate with! The plans were grandiose, although the reality was a little less so.

The meat and drink of the business, it transpired, was playing ‘Come on Eileen’ at 40th birthday parties. Not really in line with my plan for a cool business! Bloody hard graft too!

It came to a crashing end, when an event I’d dreamed up called Jam and Toast, fell quite flat in my opinion (although I talked to others, who said it was good!)

So that was it for my short lived DJ career, although there was a couple of notable high points. I had contacted Heather at the funky monkey café, A cool place in Davenport, about whether I could play at her place and she agreed! So I set about creating a cool DJ set and played my tunes out last September. Sunday Sessions! I also managed to get Misharlo, a band on the books, a gig there!

Shout out to Rozzie Joyce, Michelle Vecht, Joolz B, Harriet Hamilton, Rory Holland, Jon-Lee Horan, Phil Jones and DJ Junior.