Finally getting the benefit!

Finally getting the benefit!

I phoned the DWP office back in September 2017 to update them on my new diagnosis and therefore my existing benefit claim.

18 months followed with much stress and anxiety. Finally they agreed to give me enhanced personal Independence payment.

Much relief accompanied the news that I had been successful in my claim. However, I also experienced a lot of frustration for having to wait for so long and being put under such stress.

It’s like the floodgates opened when my PIP claim was approved. I can now take a motability car (which I have done- a VW Tiguan, very nice!) The Department for work and pensions also gave me a backdated payments of £3.5K which was soon spent!

Why does the government put such pressure on those most vulnerable in society? It’s all wrong for me. Luckily, I had my parents on my side. They filled out the cumbersome forms and gave me a place to stay. Otherwise I would have given up and they would have saved some money!

Let the good times roll!