Meeting Sangharakshita

Meeting Sangharakshita

In March 2018 I was able to meet with my Buddhist hero, author and spiritual teacher, Sangharakshita.

Affectionately known as Bhante (Teacher) throughout the worldwide Triratna Buddhist Order, He sadly died in the October of that year.

Here follows my first question.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and so I was wondering how do I practice the Dharma with a health condition? And also how are you coped, Dharmically, when you were in distress with your own health?
Well in what way are you affected practically, by the fact that you have Multiple Sclerosis?

The eyes, the feet, the hands, The chest, my left side, my balance and my cognition. Quite problematic.

But you can reflect? You can be aware?


Well then that’s a great blessing. Aware of your movements? Whatever they may be? Whether you’re sitting? Whether you’re walking and talking? If you’re able to do that, despite your Multiple Sclerosis, means that you are practising quite a bit of the Dharma.

Full conversation below.