Haematology Consultation

Haematology Consultation

‘I’m ready to die’ were the words I left with the haematologist at the Manchester Royal Infirmary today. They were words which my dad and fiancĂ© would have found difficult to hear. Both were with me in the room.

The haematologist Dr Saif was brilliant. He told us in length about the risks and the decision. After speaking to Dr Talbot my neurologist who had studied my recent MRI scan and had been following my ‘case’, it was a thumbs down for this treatment option.

So where to go from here? My dad, Elaine and I pondered this over a coffee afterwards. A second opinion would be sought to hopefully (!) show that my worsening symptoms were as a result of inflamation rather than neuro degeneration. I didn’t know there were different types of degeneration but the former is an effective target for stem cell therapy.

I’ll have to research this more fully. Neuro degeneration points in my opinion, towards a more progressive form of the condition. I have always been told that I have the relapsing/remitting form hence my interest in stem cell therapy as a treatment.

There’s a lot to digest and my brain hurts! Undeterred, I’m going to go for s swim and let it sink in.

I’m sorry that you heard that Dad and Elaine. I love you both.