I’m back from yoga now and as every Wednesday, I’m really tired!

I’ve been attending a specialist MS Yoga class at the Link Centre in Oldham for a few years now. The class is run by a senior Iyengar Yoga teacher, Debbie Bartholomew. I love the class and feel like I’ve really benefitted from it.

With MS, one of the things that becomes problematic, is retaining good balance – which is a big one for me. Debbie teaches standing poses which require balance, along with many other techniques which benefit in ways such as increasing muscle length and promoting use of fine motor muscles.

Today we were doing ‘inversions’ which basically means turning upside down. The aim is to get your head lower than your heart so that fresh blood can circulate to your brain, hopefully preventing lesions. These are my favourite moves. We did a shoulder stand for a while which felt really good!

We also spent some time focusing on our breath which again, I love! I seem to spend a lot of time doing this otherwise, with my meditation. But I don’t think you can ever do it too much!

I’m now at my desk feeling quite relaxed. Let’s see how long that lasts!